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-R. Kelly allegedly lured a 16-year-old fan to his mansion and told her he was happy she was a virgin after meeting her when she attended his 2008 child [[|Porn Sex]] trial, a court hard. 
-The prosecution and defense both gave opening statements Wednesday, kicking off Kelly's trial on racketeering and  [[|Video Porno]] [[|Porn Sex]] trafficking charges relating to six women and underage girls and dating back almost three decades. 
-Jerhonda Pace, one of six women in the federal indictment,  [[|Foto Porno]] took the stand in Brooklyn's Federal District Court Wednesday to testify against her alleged abuser.  
-Pace testified that she first met Kelly when she was just 14-years-old when she attended every day of his 2008 child pornography trial, in which he was found not guilty due to lack of sufficient evidence.  
-When Pace was 16 she said she went to a party and met up with Kelly, claiming she was 19-years-old.  
-She said Kelly remembered her from court and invited her back to his mansion a few days later where he told her to put on her swimsuit while he sat on a lounge chair and  [[|Bokep]] for her to walk back and forth while removing her swimsuit. 
-She said the two then began kissing and he performed oral [[|Porn Sex]] on her but she 'felt uncomfortable' lying about her age, so she told him she was actually 16 and showed him her state ID as proof, and  [[|Foto Porno]] Kelly asked  'What is that supposed to mean?' reported.  
-Pace said Kelly told her to keep saying she was 19 and 'act 21' and that he 'was going to train me on how to please him sexually.' 
-When she told him she was a virgin, she said Kelly responded 'that's good' and  [[|Porn Video]] told her to lie about her age to other people.  
-Pace said she continued to see and have [[|Porn Sex]] with Kelly over the next several months and that Kelly would often film their encounters. 
-He also allegedly made Pace follow a strict set of rules, including making her wear baggy clothes, having her call him 'Daddy,' and forbidding her from eating food or using the bathroom without his permission, Buzzfeed reported.  
-Pace said she was forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement, and a letter full of false admissions that claimed she had stolen money and jewelry from him,  [[|Video Bokep]] which prosecutors allege was a form of blackmail by Kelly. 
-Pace said she normally abided by Kelly's rules, but when she didn't he would be punished.   
-She testified about an incident when she said she preferred the Cleveland Cavaliers to Kelly's favorite team, the Chicago Bulls and  [[|Foto Telanjang]] he allegedly backhanded her across the face and told her she was being disrespectful. 
-In another instance, Pace said Kelly wanted her to use a [[|Porn Sex]] toy on him while they had [[|Porn Sex]],  [[|Foto Telanjang]] and she hesitated, telling him she was 'taught that was gay,' and he slapped her in the face,  [[|Indo Bokep]] telling her 'I'm not f**king gay,' before making her give him oral [[|Porn Sex]] while using the [[|Porn Sex]] toy on him. 
-On the final day she spent in Kelly's house in 2010, Pace said she was distracted and  [[|Porn Sex]] didn't immediately acknowledge Kelly's presence when he entered and Kelly slapped her and choked her out until she passed out. 
-' +===== MAREMIP ===== 
-After that he spat in her face and told her to put her head down in shame before making her perform oral [[|Porn Sex]] on him. +  [[ documentations]] 
-Pace said Kelly ejaculated on her face and she wiped Kelly's spit and semen on a blue T-shirt that was presented in court Wednesday as evidence.  +  [[ data]] 
-Pace said after that incident she made up an excuse to leave the mansion and never returned  +  [[ data]] 
-Prosecutors described the 54-year-old as a 'predator' who used his fame to lure in children and young women as part of a criminal enterprise where he sexually exploited his victims and trafficked them across state lines +  [[ data]] 
-      (Image: [[|]])   Pace said Kelly ejaculated on her face and she wiped Kelly's spit and semen on a blue T-shirt that was presented in court Wednesday as evidence +
-However, Kelly's attorney instead claimed that Kelly was the victim of 'fans' who wanted the 'notoriety of being with a superstar' and had enjoyed 'beautiful', consensual relationships with him and were now turning on him.  +
-His defense sought to discredit the accusers telling jurors they will be faced with 'a mess of lies' and that 'their testimony will crumble' when they take the stand.   +
-This came after Judge Ann Donnelly threw out the defense's final last-ditch attempt to dismiss the case but allowed them to bring a printer into the courtroom to help them manage the 3,500 pieces of evidence expected to be presented at the trial.  +
-Kelly is standing trial accused of being the ringleader of an underage [[|Porn Sex]] ring spanning two decades where women allegedly had to call him 'Daddy' and had to ask his permission to use the bathroom. +
-He is charged with racketeering,  [[|Foto Porno]] sexual exploitation of a child,  [[|Bokep]] kidnapping,  [[|Foto Telanjang]] bribery, [[|Porn Sex]] trafficking and  [[|Porn Sex]] forced labor between 1994 and 2018 relating to six alleged victims    +
-Six women and girls are cited in the nine-count indictment - with at least three of them underage and all aged between 15 and 22 at the time of the alleged crimes.  +
-At least two of the alleged victims have accused Kelly of having unprotected [[|Porn Sex]] with them without revealing he had herpes.  +
-He is also accused of bribing an Illinois official in 1994 to obtain fake ID for the singer Aaliyah so they could marry when she was just 15 and he was 27.+
 +===== AnIceFlux =====
 +  * [[| Documentations]] 
 +  * [[| Permanent URL (DOI)]] 
-Kelly denies all the charges but faces up to life in prison if convicted on all counts.   +===== Publication Datasets =====
-      (Image: [[|]])   'Predator' R Kelly sexually abused an underage boy he met in McDonalds after promising to help his career, prosecutors alleged in documents as the R&B singer's [[|Porn Sex]] abuse trial got under way.+
-Kelly in an artist's sketch in curt Wednesday  +  * [[  Lovecchio et. al. 2017]]:// On the long-range o shore transport of organic carbon from the Canary Upwelling System to the open North Atlantic// 
-     (Image: [[|]])       (Image[[|]])  R.+
-Kelly (left on stage in 2013) allegedly lured a 16-year-old fan to his mansion and told her he was happy she was a virgin because he wanted to 'train her' sexually, jurors heard on the first day of the disgraced R&B star's federal trial. Jerhonda Pace (right) took the stand in Brooklyn's Federal District Court Wednesday to testify against her alleged abuser 
-As the trial got underway Wednesday: 
-One alleged victim named 'Sonja' is expected to testify that the singer locked her in a room for three days and sexually abused her while she was unconscious The judge denied the defense's final bid to dismiss the case, where they had argued herpes is not life-threatening so Kelly shouldn't be charged with passing the STD to a minor The judge also granted prosecutors permission to include evidence they claim shows sexual abuse by the star back in 1991 and which relates to the charges over his marriage to Aaliyah Joycelyn Savage's mother arrived at the courthouse to hear the opening statements, telling reporters she was 'grateful' Kelly was finally facing trial after 'almost two decades'Prosecutors claimed in documents ahead of the trial that R. 
-Kelly sexually abused an underage boy he met in McDonalds after promising to help his music career The 54-year-old sat in the courtroom in a gray suit, purple tie, and  [[|Foto Porno]] glasses with his head down at times as the prosecution described an alleged pattern of violent abuse.  
-In opening statements, Assistant US Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez told the jury Kelly used 'every trick in the predator handbook' to groom his victims, blackmailed them with [[|Porn Sex]] tapes and violently beat them if they failed to comply with his demands.   
-The trial is not about celebrity parties but is 'about a predator' who used his fame to entice girls, boys and young women before dominating and controlling them physically, sexually and  [[|Porn Sex]] psychologically, she said.  
-'This case is not about a celebrity who likes to party a lot,' she said.  
-'This case is about a predator.'   
-Melendez said Kelly had his 'pick of young fans' who he 'dominated and controlled' and  [[|Indo Bokep]] treated like 'objects.'  
-The prosecutor said Kelly lured in children and  [[|Porn Sex]] women by inviting them to join him after shows with backstage passes. 
-Once he had them alone, Melendez said, Kelly 'dominated and  [[|Foto Porno]] controlled them physically, sexually and psychologically.' 
-The singer also often recorded his [[|Porn Sex]] acts with minors as he controlled a racketeering enterprise of individuals who were loyal and  [[|Porn Sex]] devoted to him, eager to 'fulfill each and everyone one of the defendant's wishes and demands,' she said.   
-Kelly then used these recordings as 'collateral' and  [[|Video Porno]] as a way to blackmail his victims by threatening to release the tapes, she told jurors.  
-'He made them create embarrassing videos and  [[|Video Porno]] false letters. 
-He kept it in his back pocket in case anyone tried to accuse him of anything,' she said. 
-Any of his victims who didn't meet his demands was subjected to 'exacted cruel and  [[|Porn Sex]] demeaning punishments' such as 'violent spankings and  [[|Indo Bokep]] beatings,' the prosecutor said.  
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-(Image: [[|]])   Family members of Jocelyn Savage (left) speak to reporters outside Brooklyn Federal court before the start of opening statements 
-      (Image: [[|]])   A man carries a suit for R. 
-Kelly to wear at his trial after he had complained to the judge earlier this month that he had put on so much weight in prison that he had nothing to wear at trial 
-Video Porno</a> kindly take a look at our web-site. 
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