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-R. Kelly forced a 16-year-old virgin to go three  [[|Porn Video]] days without using the bathroom and  [[|Video Bokep]] demanded she dress like a Girl Scout and  [[|Foto Porno]] wear her hair in pigtails during [[|Porn Sex]],  [[|Video Porno]] the alleged victim told a New York court on day two of the star's federal [[|Porn Sex]] abuse trial.   
-Jerhonda Pace,  [[|Video Porno]] now 28,  [[|Video Porno]] took the stand  [[|Porn Sex]] in Brooklyn's Federal District  [[|Foto Telanjang]] Court for  [[|Video Porno]] a second day Thursday to testify about the six months of alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of Kelly,  [[|Porn Sex]] now 54,  [[|Video Bokep]] as a  [[|Indo Bokep]] teenager.  
-Pace,  [[|Porn Sex]] who is heavily pregnant and  [[|Video Porno]] only a few days from her due date,  [[|Indo Bokep]] told jurors Kelly would often film their sexual encounters after they started having [[|Porn Sex]] in 2009,  [[|Foto Porno]] when she was just 16 and  [[|Video Bokep]] he was 42.     
-The alleged victim had testified Wednesday that Kelly lured her to his Illinois mansion and  [[|Porn Video]] was happy to learn she was a virgin because he wanted to 'train' her to please him sexually. 
-She  [[|Foto Telanjang]] told the  [[|Video Porno]] court how he soon started controlling her with his so-called 'Rob's rules',  [[|Indo Bokep]] denying her from eating or  [[|Foto Porno]] using the bathroom without his permission,  [[|Bokep]] making her call him 'daddy' and  [[|Porn Sex]] taking away her phone.   
-Pace provided further details of this alleged abuse Thursday,  [[|Video Porno]] telling the court Kelly would not allow her to go to the bathroom for  [[|Video Porno]] hours and  [[|Foto Porno]] even days.  
-She said she always had to seek permission to use the bathroom  [[|Video Porno]] and  [[|Video Porno]] when she was 'on his good side',  [[|Bokep]] he would usually grant her request in around five minutes. 
-If she  [[|Foto Porno]] was 'on his bad side',  [[|Foto Porno]] it would often be several hours or  [[|Porn Video]] even days,  [[|Porn Video]] with Pace saying the longest time she was forbidden was three days.   
-Pace,  [[|Indo Bokep]] named in court as 'Jane Doe No. 
-4',  [[|Porn Video]] was the first witness to take the stand  [[|Video Porno]] Wednesday on the first day of Kelly's long-awaited trial.  +===== MAREMIP ===== 
-She is one of six women mentioned in the nine-count federal racketeering indictment which could see the biggest star in R&B spend the  [[|Porn Video]] rest of his life behind bars.    +  [[ documentations]] 
-      (Image: [[|]])   Heavily pregnant R.+  [[ data]] 
 +  [[ data]] 
 +  * [[| Hindcast data]]  
 +===== AnIceFlux ===== 
 +  * [[]]  
 +  * [[| Permanent URL (DOI)]]  
 +===== Publication Datasets ===== 
 +  * [[ |  Lovecchio et. al. 2017]]:// On the long-range o shore transport of organic carbon from the Canary Upwelling System to the open North Atlantic// 
-Kelly accuser Jerhonda Pace broke down in tears in court Thursday as she read out a passage from her own 2010 journal,  [[|Indo Bokep]] detailing how the R&B star allegedly slapped her,  [[|Bokep]] spat in her face and  [[|Bokep]] choked her 
-     (Image: [[|]])       (Image: [[|]])  Jurors on R. 
-Kelly's trial heard more testimony from the woman who said the R&B star lured her to his mansion when she was a 16-year-old virgin,  [[|Foto Porno]] made her call him 'daddy' and  [[|Indo Bokep]] choked her until she passed out on day two of his federal [[|Porn Sex]] abuse trial in New York. R. Kelly left and  [[|Indo Bokep]] Jerhonda Pace right 
-Bokep</a> kindly go to the website. 
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