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-R. Kelly's former tour manager testified in court about bribing a government worker with $500 to get a fake ID to marry Aaliyah when she was 15 because he thought he got her pregnant.  
-Demetrius Smith,  [[|Video Porno]] 65, told jurors in a Brooklyn courtroom that he arranged a bribe to get Aaliyah a fake ID so she could marry Kelly - then 27 - in August 1994 while flying back to Chicago.  
-Smith also said Kelly's accountant began making arrangements for  [[|Foto Telanjang]] the marriage,  [[|Foto Telanjang]] and told Kelly 'to protect himself,  [[|Porn Video]] protect Aaliyah.' 
-Asked by a prosecutor  [[|Porn Sex]] what Kelly needed protection from,  [[|Porn Sex]] Smith said,  [[|Video Bokep]] 'I guess jail.' 
-The marriage was ultimately annulled after six months. 
-Aaliyah - a talented breakout singer - died in a tragic 2001 plane crash.  +===== MAREMIP ===== 
-      (Image: [[|]])   R.+  * [[| Model documentations]] 
 +  * [[| Grid data]] 
 +  * [[ data]] 
 +  * [[| Hindcast data]] 
-Kelly pictured here with Aaliyah from the 'Surviving R. Kelly' Lifetime documentary  +===== AnIceFlux ===== 
-      (Image: [[|]])   Demetrius Smith points out Kelly after asking him to take off his mask during Kelly's sex abuse trial at Brooklyn's Federal District Court on August 20 +  [[]]  
-Smith's testimony was part of the third day in the R&B singer's sex abuse trial where the court also heard from one of R.+  * [[| Permanent URL (DOI)]] 
-Kelly's former doctor.  +===== Publication Datasets =====
-The physician - Dr. Kris G. McGrath - told jurors that he used to prescribe Kelly herpes medication so frequently that he memorized his number and  [[|Foto Porno]] was paid in trips around the country for parties and concerts in lieu of cash.    +
-McGrath, now a professor  [[|Indo Bokep]] at Northwestern University and Kelly's former primary care physician,  [[|Video Porno]] testified Thursday that he began prescribing the singer medication to treat herpes symptoms at least as far back as 2007.  +
-That's nearly two years before Kelly met one of his accusers - Jerhonda Pace,  [[|Indo Bokep]] now 54.  +
-She said the last time she saw Kelly was in January 2010,  [[|Foto Telanjang]] when he allegedly spat in her face, slapped her and choked her until she passed out after she failed to submit to his demands. +
-Pace said she began having [[|Porn Sex]] with him when she was 16 years old and developed sores on her vagina while having sex with Kelly.  +
-The singer called his doctor  [[|Foto Telanjang]] to his home,  [[|Porn Video]] and  [[|Indo Bokep]] he examined the minor while Kelly was in the room, confirming that the sores were herpes,  [[|Foto Telanjang]] Pace testified.  +
-      (Image: [[|]])   Dr.+
-Kris G. McGrath, now a professor  [[|Video Bokep]] at Northwestern University and  [[|Video Bokep]] Kelly's former primary care physician, testified Thursday that he began prescribing the singer medication to treat herpes symptoms at least as far back as 2007. He's seen here in a courtroom sketch +  * [[ |  Lovecchio et. al. 2017]]:// On the long-range o shore transport of organic carbon from the Canary Upwelling System to the open North Atlantic//  
-      (Image: [[|]])   The doctor told jurors that he first became aware of the possibility Kelly might have herpes much earlier, after a June 5,  [[|Video Bokep]] 2000 visit. +  [[ | Köhne et al2022 (]]: Strong Habitat Compression by Extreme Shoaling Events of Hypoxic Waters in the Eastern Pacific}
-Pace, who is heavily pregnant and only a few days from her due date, told jurors Kelly would often film their sexual encounters after they started having sex in 2009, when she was just 16 and he was 42.  +
-The doctor  [[|Porn Video]] told jurors that he first became aware of the possibility Kelly might have herpes much earlier,  [[|Bokep]] after a June 5,  [[|Video Bokep]] 2000 visit.  +
-'He called to request a prescription for what he called "the blue pill,'' McGrath said. 'The phone calls seemed to be frequent for the blue pills.' +
-Kelly called so often for medication that McGrath eventually memorized the singer's phone number. The pharmacy where he worked was near a McDonald's where Kelly allegedly met one of his accusers.  +
-McGrath eventually told Kelly to take the pills daily.    +
-Prosecutors' questioning on Kelly's apparent herpes was meant establish that Kelly was well-aware of his diagnosis, as evidence in their allegations that he gave it to partners without telling them.    +
-      (Image: [[|]])   Jerhonda Pace, now 28, took the stand in Brooklyn's Federal District Court for a second day Thursday to testify about the six months of alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of Kelly, now 54, as a teenager +
-Kelly's attorneys argued herpes is not life-threatening, so Kelly shouldn't be charged with passing it to a minor. +
-His defense team specifically argued the herpes exposure charge should be dropped because herpes is a virus and not 'an acute, bacterial venereal disease such as syphilis or gonorrhea.' +
-Defense lawyers took it a step further and argued that the racketeering charges should be dismissed altogether because they said they fell outside the five-year statute of limitations.  +
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- On cross-examination, defense attorney Nicole Blank Becker tried to challenge McGrath on the nature of herpes, reported.  
-'You can say 100 percent he has herpes?' she asked. 
-'I feel that 100 percent he has herpes,' McGrath answered. 
-'Are you saying, as in, "I feel like it's freezing in here?" ' 
-'Is that a question?' McGrath responded, later saying: 'I believe that 100 percent, [based on] his exam, the treatment that he had and the response to therapy.' 
-'Well, can't you use the herpes med to treat other things?' Becker asked. 
-Herpes. Herpes,' McGrath responded. 
-      (Image: [[|]])   McGrath said he and his wife were flown out to New York, Missouri, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Nashville. 
-Sometimes Kelly would pay for the travel and other times McGrath would book it himself 
-      (Image: [[|]])   Kelly called so often for medication that McGrath eventually memorized the singer's phone number 
-McGrath testified that while Kelly had health insurance, he never paid him for his medical services during the decades he treated him.    
-The singer would, however, invite him and his wife to parties, dinners and pay for his flights to concerts. 
-McGrath said he and his wife were flown out to New York, Missouri, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Nashville. 
-Sometimes Kelly would pay for the travel and other times McGrath would book it himself.  
-They also attended cigar bars together, and McGrath traveled to the singer's studios to listen to Kelly perform music. 
-McGrath said his wife, Jean, also had a relationship with Kelly, which he described as 'caring.'  
-Testimony in the case continued Friday morning, as former Kelly manager Anthony Navarro spoke.  
-He said working for Kelly was weirder than working for Kanye West.   
-      (Image: [[|]])   Former R. 
-Kelly manager Anthony Navarro recalled being instructed not to talk with girls who came to Kelly's home and having to tell people when girls were no longer in rooms they had been escorted to 
-Foto Porno</a>, you possibly can call us with our web-site. 
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