(Image: the_enowned_hypnotist_57_in_his_house_in_kensington) My haven, Paul McKenna: The renowned hypnotist and self-help author, 57, in his double mews house in Kensington with his most treasured possessions 1.

CHART TOPPER I got interested in hypnosis for self-improvement when I was working as a radio DJ and I interviewed a hypnotist. I then started doing my own show in pubs and clubs.  I'm a practical joker at heart but I was also ambitious for fame and recognition. I'm very proud of my books that followed.  In 2005 my publishers gave me this chart when I had two of the top ten bestsellers.

The No 1-selling book was I Can Make You Thin, which changed the way people think about losing weight.

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2. MISTY MORNINGS  When I lived in LA I used to get up and attack the day, but I'm more relaxed now. I'm the happiest I've ever been, walking my dog and link joker123 being with my wife Kate, who I married in 2016 after she'd been my PA for 25 years.  Misty is our Great Dane, we had her in the US and brought her over, so she's had to adjust to traffic.

I'm her owner, but I'm sure she thinks I'm her butler.

    (Image: [[|]])   Paul said he is the happiest he's ever been, walking his dog and being with his wife Kate [pictured together], whom he married in 2016 after she'd been his PA for 25 years


MAN OF THE HOUR I believe in God, but I'm not religious. I went to a Catholic school which I found very cruel and I started reading about Buddhism when I was 18. I then became really fascinated and still practise meditation regularly.  I like Buddha [pictured] because he wasn't a god, he was a man who perfected himself, and I think that's a noble thing. 

    (Image: [[|]])   Paul said he started reading about Buddhism when he was 18, then became really fascinated and still practises meditation regularly


SCREEN DREAMS  It was amazing to receive this New TV Talent of the Year gong at the TRIC Awards in 1994 for my hypnosis shows on ITV, which got more than 12 million viewers.  When most hypnotists were men in black shirts with goatee beards on the end of the pier we set out to make a first-class light entertainment TV show with a groovy, psychological element.  The next year I presented the award to Steve Coogan - I thought I'd really arrived!  5.

STAR IN THE MAKING   I was blessed with wonderful parents and this is a favourite picture of me with them in Enfield, in north London. 

    (Image: [[|]])   Pictured: Paul's favourite picture of him as a baby with his parents in Enfield, in north London

They were kind, generous, humorous and optimistic.

I miss my dad, who died 10 years ago, but my mum is still very dynamic.  She was unfazed when I took her to dinner in LA with Hollywood big guns - one of them asked me, ‘Where'd you get your mom, Central Casting?'  5. FOR MY EARS ONLY  I'm a big James Bond fan. I always thought it was neat the way M, the head of MI6, had two phones on his desk, so that's why I have these red and green ones.  I like a lot of retro stuff, and they're more comfortable against your ear than mobiles.  The only drawback is that it takes forever to dial a number.

I only recently got an iPhone - there's so much on it, I knew I'd get distracted. As told to Andrew Preston. For information on Paul's books, go to Paul's Positivity Podcast is on all major platforms. 

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