(Image: 911 was an inside job, or chem trails. As she walked towards us I could make out that she wasn't wearing anything inside other than the nighty. And I did notice that her bra and panty was laying on the dressing table along with her pavadai (something that woman wear inside the nighty). She already wore a D-cup bra and her breasts were very firm, looking incredibly large on her petite frame. The dark shining purple colored bra made a contrast against her spotless fair glowing skin. They had only met face to face a few hours ago and now she was saying how much she needed to feel his cum on her skin. But things changed on a Saturday afternoon it was almost 8 months since I met them, it was my off day around 2.00 in the noon. The first day went on fine and we all became friends.

(Image: (Image: Aunty used to call me regularly to her house for girls of the sec nude eating it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. And later when aunty came out I understood she was having a bath her hair was still wet with a few water droplets on her face which she was wiping out walking towards us. After clearing the water from her hair for some time, she sat on the corner of the bed resting her head on the wall with a pillow and started reading some magazine. For some time I kept on laying on the bed ignoring her and then she increased the speed of hitting for which I reacted by taking the pillow from aunties back in which aunties head slightly hit on the wall but she ignored us and continued reading the magazine and then I started hitting Chinnu back. In this six months of time and in the many visits to their house I had seen aunties private parts many a times like her half boobs, legs her navel. I fell into a position where my head was laying on aunties leg just above her knees and shower sex gif I could feel the softness of her thighs on my head.

Since we both weren't wearing any inner wear, I cud literally feel the roundness and softness of her ass on my dick. And by this time her nighty was really loose from down and when she spread her leg a bit I could feel my dick go into her wet pussy even thru that nighty. But she still hung on to the pillow and now my hand was touching the sides of her braless boobs which was squeezed in between the pillow and my dick was so hard that I could feel my dick going in between her legs and I could feel the heat of her pussy when I pushed my dick a bit more. And if I could apply some oil and massage her legs. I did the massaging for almost an hour, it was a wonderful scene to see my hands rubbing all over her leg with oil I even massaged under her feet and she laid back on to the sofa relaxing.

I took the oil from her shelve and sat on the floor close to her legs. Her legs were a bit heavy but I couldn’t feel much of any stiffness anywhere in her leg just the plumpness and smoothness of a woman's leg with a bit of small hair. When I got close to her in the fight for getting back the pillow she raised her ass little bit to push me away and keep the pillow tightly under her. Standing on my doorsteps she pulled up her nighty till her knees and showed me, it was soaring a bit and there was a small bruise on her knees. She had the perfect shape of hardworking Indian housewife nice round boobs and a perfectly shaped ass and the dress she was wearing showed out the sexiness of her body. She was very careless about her dress even if I was there. And the family treated me as their younger brother who was ready to help his sister when brother in law was not there. So this was how close I became to their family. And as days passed by the family got really attached to me specially Chinnu their daughter she started hanging around in my house more often, even I liked to play around with her.

I poured it on her knees and then applied a little pressure on her knees and started massaging her leg downwards. Then I somehow got up on my knees and jumped on to Nitya to get my pillow in that move she turned around was lying on her stomach keeping the pillow under her. I could have stayed as long as she wanted me to, as long as I got to do this with her.After resting for about half and hour silently, she said:“bed pe chalein? And after almost an hour of massage her nighty had gone far more up but I couldn't see her panty coz it was properly cover by the nighty. After almost half an hour we had stopped playing her toys and Chinnu started playing with the other pillow and she was hitting me with that. At this time Nitya just took the pillow from my hand and she also started hitting me in a playful way saying how dare you take the pillow from me.

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