(Image: Just recently I read a fantastic blog post on GameSpy titled as “Putting the Gay in Games: The Industry's Evolving Attitudes Toward Sexuality” by Lara Crigger and it had me thinking about relationships in today's game titles. This post consists of my thoughts and findings during the past 90 days of doing NoFap, and worlds best porn sites what helped me achieve a stronger self-discipline and fight the urges of addiction. Leia goes on to talk about how Rey was able to fight him off and- OH MY GOD I JUST REALISED THIS WHOLE SCENE IS A MICROCOSM OF LILY'S COMMENT SECTION. The conversation goes on with the understanding that Aliana might out and out kill Leia in an act of self defense. Holdo changes the subject saying that they both have command over the people assigned to them, current and potential and that any future Jedi and Sith that might join the cause would need to answer to them. Leia is appauled at Holdo insinuating she, the mother of Ben Solo would possibly have a bias towards the boy she birthed into the galaxy and raised.

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Who does the editing? Holdo proceeds to go on about how it neither fair to Rey nor Rey's responsibility to try to redeem a man who traumatised her (mind you. Holdo proceeds to ask the question of why the hell Leia hasn't ordered Aliana to fuck off yet to which Leia simply tells Holdo what she already knows. Holdo shows just how painfully unaware of how much of a one in one billion statistic the current scenariou with Rey and Aliana actually is. Holdo tells Leia she thinks using Rey as a possible bait to get her son back is disgusting. And so I'm going to try to truncate as much of the discussion over Ben Solo as much as possible. Morgan says all arrogant like much to the chagrin of Rachel. Poe surprises Finn. Jibes at him about not being able to know he was there and Finn says he would have it Aliana and Rey weren't so busy to train him.

To which Holdo says she's not acting as an admiral but as Leia's friend. Holdo states that Leia was absent when the decision was made, but is totally defintely going to be not understanding at all about the decision. So I'm going to show you the begining of that conversation in yet another screenshot so you might go and read it on your own. I came to the realization that I didn't really like who I was, I had low self-esteem which might have been the root to certain problems I had. In case you’re just joining us, I’ll summarise for you; I work specifically with clients who are having trouble “moving on”, by which I mean passing onto the afterlife. And in fact despite not even knowing what a Force Bond is the fact Ben Solo is involved must mean it is in fact, very bad. Ackbar is actually very concerned about this possibility but Holdo is in fact more conerned about Leia wanting to use Rey to get Ben Solo to come back to the lightside of the force. They meet with Holdo.

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