Gamecocks, no matter how many eras have passed, are still one of the popular pets. It can be seen from historical records in the reign of King Naresuan the Great. And folk literature in many stories that have talked about the game of the cocks in some. Therefore, raising gamecocks is one of the pets in the blood of the Thai people that has it all. It also generates income and enjoyment for the party as well.

Mr. Somchai Inkerd Mr. Somchai Inkerd, residing at 135/2 Village No. 4, Phai Kho Don Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phitsanulok Province He is a farmer who has seen raising cocks since his father's generation. Therefore, the gamecock is a pet that he has seen since birth. As a result, this animal is like a pet that allows him to create a career in the future. where he came back to continue raising gamecocks from his father. and has become a source of income to this day

hen incubating eggs Mr. Somchai said that I started raising cocks since I was a child. The first initiator of the family was the father. During his study period, he would spend his free time on Saturdays and Sundays to see the gamecocks raised by his father. When he grew up, he immediately came to raise gamecocks after his father. by developing some chicken breeds as well as to buy breeds of gamecocks from other sources Come and help develop gamecocks in the farm with another channel.

kindergarten cage “In the beginning, I came to do it myself. I must say that in the past Social media has not yet come into play. We will breed and sell ourselves in the village. and when online channels such as Facebook began to play a role So we saw more gamecocks in many places. Then we started to buy breeds from other farms. Mixed with the gamecocks that exist within the farm. To develop the breed of our chickens to have more quality and variety,” Mr. Somchai said about the origin of raising gamecocks.

Chicks caught separately from hens Mr. Somchai said that the gamecocks raised in the farm focus on the Burmese breed. with the development of the breed always At some point, good breeders may be purchased from other sources. come into the mix with the breeders on the farm The breeder suitable for breeding must be about 7 months old, while the breeder must be older than 1 year and more importantly, it must be passed from the field only to be able to breed.

letting them live with the natural herd Inbreeding between the parents will be paired to breed in a ratio of 1 to 1 breeding until attached and will separate the breeder immediately. The eggs are then left to incubate for 21 days. Once the chicks are hatched, the first seven weeks are the chicks with the mother, after which they are separated and hatched in the nursery area.

“After hatching for a week, the hens will continue to breed. As for the chicks, we will separate them and put them in the nursery cage itself. During this time, the chicks will be fattened by using small chicken feed heads mixed with grits. Reeds stay in nursery cages for about 1 month, then they are reared in pens with limited space for running first. After raising them at the age of 3 months, the chicks can be released to the herd immediately. The feed for growing chickens in the farm is cooked rice left over from the household. And it will be supplemented with paddy to eat as well. which is raised in a herd for about 4 months. All the released chicks will be 7 months old. and have water randomly picked separately Ready to practice hitting and hitting further,” Mr. Somchai said.

Vaccination to prevent disease for chickens in the farm, Mr. Somchai said that there will be a systematic vaccination program. It will start from the hatching of the chicks from 7 days to 21 days and when the chickens are one and a half months old, it will help the gamecocks to be healthy. Not at risk of spreading various epidemics

for marketing chickens Currently, social media channels are the main channels. That can make selling gamecocks easier compared to the past. Because you can post pictures of gamecocks in the farm everything. whether mating activities or different breeds When customers see interest, they will come to inquire and agree to trade online. Or some customers even come to buy at the farm.

The selling price of gamecocks at the age of 6 months is 600-1,000 baht. There are some fighting drills, the selling price is 1,500 baht, and ซื้อขายไก่ชน the fighting cocks are already in the field. Customers can buy and compete. The selling price is 2,500-3,000 baht each.

“This gamecock is considered an animal that generates income and can make a living. For example, the economic situation is not very good. Trading may slow down a bit. but in spite of this no matter what the economy is We maintain the quality of raising our chicks well. There is always a standard It will help our chickens to have quality and customers to buy for sure. For those who want to start raising gamecocks I would suggest that If you like, start with buying less expensive gamecocks first. then gradually Developing raising training and training continuously. When successful, we will gradually develop the raising up. without haste Raising gamecocks will be profitable. And it's not difficult to be a sustainable career,” said Mr. Somchai.

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