external site Students are also allowed to wear battery operated lights on themselves and their instruments as long as it doesn't interfere with them playing their instrument / their instrument's sound. Students are allowed to wear stuff under their uniform to keep warm, wear simple “beanie” hats under their marching band hats as long as they are black / dark grey / dark green, and gloves (some students put hand warmers inside their gloves to help keep warm). Ladies - a nice blouse or sweater with a skirt or slacks put you in the clear. Gentlemen - a nice shirt and tie with slacks or khakis will do. WILL NOT be participating we absolutely need to know now. If you can't make the meeting - or you are a returning member that doesn't need to be refreshed. We are in need of chaperones for festival for Drum Corps Videos each group. Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble goes to their MSBOA Festival on Saturday, March 12th. They will be performing at Lake Orion High School.

Equipment truck leaves with the Concert Band and returns with Wind Ensemble. Students are to eat before they arrive - the festival trip for each ensemble is fairly short. There will be snacks / drinks on sale at the festival, in the cafeteria that all of the ensembles wait in for their festival scores. Once the students return from the parade, they will get out of their uniforms and get warmed up with a variety of soups / chili and hot chocolate. Trouble was I was in coach’s doghouse, and usually got yanked in the first half never to return. ALL FORMS AND MONEY ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, JUNE 3RD. We still got some slots left before we are maxed out - so it's not too late to join! A couple of the family tried to dive in the water where it was still only about 6 inches deep, thus burying their heads in the sand (a family specialty) and exposing their nether regions (another family specialty). If you have not signed up for marching band at all, there is still time but you must do it NOW!

Only the Practices have been announced at this time - More information about the Parade and the Picnic will be announced as we get closer - TBD. Brutal and relentless, Drum Corps Videos religionists all over the world have always sought out targets to persecute, have always looked for victims to make their lives more miserable, have always endeavored to do the will of their god. There are some that would claim that religion played that role, and indeed the influence of the church did take away from of the more sensual aspects of the world of art, compared to classic times. The worst religion of the world was the Presbyterianism of Scotland as it existed in the beginning of the eighteenth century. Even so, these Christians were made cruel by their religion. However, Drum Corps Videos as the days passed and finally became weeks, the US Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in full readings around the 13 New States - at town meetings and even during religious services (where did separation of church and state begin?). You were selected for squad leader if you applied and passed the test.

These people are squad leader candidates and may become full squad leaders at the conclusion of band camp. The squad leader seminar will be held August 11 from 9-2 pm and the newbie day will be held on August 12 from 9-2 PM. Students who plan to participate in Howell High School Highlander Marching Band in the 2016 -2017 school year must attend camp in August. The HHS 2016 Graduation Ceremony will be held at the Breslin Center at MSU in East Lansing, MI on Saturday, June 4th at 5pm. Details on attire, report time, etc. will be announced when we get closer - TBD. Please check website for further details. Pre-Pay by Friday, May 20th - $5 per person. 10 per person at door if seating allows. It starts this Friday and lasts for two weeks. You must be a junior or senior next school year - and have been in the marching band for two years in order to tryout.

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