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The beloved Cookie Monster of “Sesame Street” fame is entertaining kids with a new weekly web series during the COVID-19 crisis - and offering parents two much-needed minutes of alone time. With his signature energy and enthusiasm, Cookie Monster reminds kiddos to carefully wash their hands before digging into snacks at the beginning of each clip, a sanitizing step all the more important in the fight against COVID-19. In the first episode, Cookie Monster invites kids to have a snack with him, suggesting a healthy snack like fruits or veggies might be a good option - though he, of course, will be having a cookie. Fans of the cookie-crazed Muppet will be especially delighted to learn that the furry blue monster is now hosting a video series called “Snack Chat,” with new episodes set to be uploaded each Tuesday, “Sesame Street” announced on YouTube. The app monitors texts and emails, along with YouTube and over two dozen social media networks for questionable content your child might be searching or viewing.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Net Nanny also offers a dedicated filter to block coronavirus sites and searches to help kids who might feel anxious. Net Nanny is an app that uses AI to block questionable or dangerous content before your child sees it. The app can filter certain websites and monitors your child's digital activity, and can also monitor and limit screen time. You can even connect to strangers based on gender, age or location to allow you to find people with similar interests. It gives you ways to meet similar minded people really easily and that's why Emerald's special built-in software focuses around the idea of matching conversations you have with people, based on their own personal interests. As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the US, movie releases, tech conferences, political rallies and major sporting events have all been postponed and rescheduled. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox.

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